F* it mantra

F* it mantra

My new mantra is F* it. I am a ‘feeler’, what I mean with that is that I perceive the world through my feelings, my heart. Like everything in the world has two sides, the shadow side of feeling is thinking. I am totally happy with my shadow side which I call the thinker in me. It took me many years to be able to write this and embrace my thoughts but I did it! After lots of self-reflection, inner awareness and learning to listen to my physical and emotional sensations I learned that my thoughts are my shadow and they have a function, they are my potential. I grew up as a negative thinker. Something people who have known me for a longer period, will not believe. I am seen, from the outside as a positive thinker. That’s the beauty about people, and this is exactly what intrigues me about people, we too have two sides. An inner and outer. My inner and outer world did not coincide for a long time, they were like two separate worlds. During the years I have learned how one can strengthen the other, like 1 + 1 = 3.

Great experience!

This mantra, which is purely ‘mental’ does not work when what I feel and what I want to do are not aligned. How do I know they are aligned? I feel it, yes I’m a feeler, but everyone can feel it. If it makes you happy, if something creates a smile on your face, when a thought creates a laugh, they are all signs of alignment and happiness. It’s that simple. I use the mantra when I want to manifest something and my old pattern, the negative thought come along and say; ‘Hi! here I am and you cannot do that! Just stop doing it, because you are not capable.’ Or something along the lines of; ‘you do not have the right degree’, ‘you are not good enough’ and so on. This stopped me from manifesting my dreams. 

During the years, being driven by my inner voice guiding me to do the studies I have done, Jungian analytical therapy, Chakra psychology, body awareness, I learned that it is an old pattern. I have learned to transform this pattern. Now like I said the manifestation of the dream needs to feel right and the willingness to take action needs to be right, otherwise de F* it are just words without meaning and will turn on me.  

Let me explain it by painting a bigger picture. When the ‘Head’ of an organization like the Chiefs say F* it, and the Heart of the organization, Management, do not agree and the belly of the organization agrees, chaos occurs because there is no alignment. When nothing is done about this, it causes restlessness in organizations, it costs money, people get sick, walk away, complain, all this has influence on the image of the organization etc etc. This same system works within us. We need our head, heart and belly to be aligned to manifest what we want and it will happen effortlessly when they are aligned. It is actually really simple. The secret of The secret is…..open up your system and keep it open. 

It’s simple. 

Now I grant you a healthy happy life. I believe in the essence we are free happy spirits. It can be done! I did it so can you! It does not have to take you half your life like me. 

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If our head, heart and belly are not aligned, chaos occurs. Chaos is necessary for growth, when growth occurs and the troubles settle down, the things become clear. It’s just like troubled water, when you look at it, it is chaos, if you want to fix it, it remains chaos, if you leave it, it becomes clear. So the question is, if we know this, what inner force moves us to want to fix it instead of leaving it to develop naturally? 

When you know the answer to that question, you are one step ahead of being aware.

Love Mireille

Soms zijn we bang, verlegen, boos of voelen we ons rot en kunnen we niet de vinger leggen op de zere plek. We begrijpen niet waar het vandaan komt. Carl Jung heeft in zijn wetenschap aangetoond dat gedragingen gedachten en gevoelens vanuit een diep innerlijk weten tot stand komen. Vaak onbewust. Ze komen tot uiting via archetypes, oerbeelden. Door te beleven komen we in contact met onze archetypes. Archetypes worden zichtbaar door bewust te worden hoe wij ons als individu verhouden tot andere mensen.